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Premium Acoustic Panels & Windows for Superior Sound Management

All acoustic and other items are fully manufactured and printed in our factory in Industria, Johannesburg, with a wide range of suitable finishes and fabrics available to suit the design of studios and branding. On our dedicated page for acoustic solutions, you'll discover our specialized range of acoustic panels and windows designed specifically for enhancing audio environments. Our acoustic panels are engineered to optimize sound quality in any setting, from recording studios to broadcasting rooms, effectively absorbing unwanted echoes and reverberations. In addition to these panels, our acoustic windows offer the perfect balance of visibility and sound isolation, making them ideal for studio applications where visual contact between the control room and live recording area is crucial. Both products are crucial in achieving superior studio acoustic treatment and are tailored to meet the specific needs of professional acoustic treatment projects. Whether you are setting up a new studio or upgrading an existing space, our acoustic panels and windows ensure a pristine audio experience, essential for high-quality recording and broadcasting.

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